Pray for a Non-Profit Worker

Below is a list of the non-profits I have featured on Stories that Bind, including specific prayer requests from individuals I interviewed.

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  • To learn more about the need to pray for and encourage missionaries and non-profit workers, read this excellent article from World Next Door: “The Most Unreached People Group.”

Beauty for Ashes

Gina HannaMiriamJessicaTerryCaitlinLeah
1) That God would fill the holes in our ministry that I am not gifted to fill, especially financial and administrative holes; 2) For God to provide for a Beauty for Ashes re-entry house
Pray for my children and grandbabies. Pray for strength and patience.
Pray that BFA will get the funds they need to purchase their re-entry house.
For God to pour his powerful, unprejudiced love out on the whole world, so that the world can receive a revelation of God’s Spirit and his love.
Pray for the Middle East and for the cities of St. Louis and Kansas City. Pray for anyone not saved to come to the Lord.
Pray for my nephew and son – for physical, emotional, and spiritual healing.

Champions Special Ministries

Alison GromerCaroline ColemanNich BergstromJulie McLean
1) That the Lord would provide the necessary funding and all of the volunteers, 1-on-1 buddies, and host homes needed for this year’s day camps; 2) That word of our ministry would spread so we can reach more families; 3) That the individuals we serve would grow in the grace and knowledge of Jesus and that we would be a voice of love and hope to their families
1) For continued health and freedom from cancer for my mom; 2) For 50+ campers at every Champions camp this summer
For my new journey in Haiti: 1) For continued fruit-bearing in ministry, whether that is through working with kids through sports or with kids with special needs; 2) For strength, discipline, and a heart of love and joy
For protection health-wise for staff and campers during the Champions day camps this summer

Exodus Cry

Morgan PerryBlaire PilkingtonKezia Hatfield
That my co-workers and I would have that time with the Lord that we need and that it would be quality time…that we would get poured into so that we can pour out
1) For fresh hope that the Lord is going to accomplish His work in the sex-trafficking industry, 2) that I would have a greater hunger for Jesus and stay vibrant in my walk with the Lord, 3) that I would be able to balance work and my personal life, including family and the rigors of travel and ministry
1) For continued vision, courage, wisdom, and abounding love within our team and our clients; 2) For daily time alone with the Lord, being refilled and renewed in His affections; 3) That we would be like trees watered by streams of water and that His words would be our primary and daily meditation (Psalm 1); 4) Prayers for families who are called and equipped to adopt individuals (minors and adults) into their hearts and homes.

Freedom Fire

Bruce McGregorKevin Cacy
1) That we would develop good recovery groups and partnerships with other addiction recovery groups to help our emerging leaders; 2) For solid, mature indigenous leadership; 3) For physical strength, spiritual vitality, and continued vision and passion for our staff
My chief prayer is that the Lord would help me to raise up young men from the inner city to carry on this work after I am gone.  I am always looking for them, working with them, envisioning them to become the next “Coach.”

Global Orphan Project

Mike and Beth FoxAdrien LewisMike MitchellTate Williams
Pray for all of our field staff, our mamas, our caregivers, our pastors, our teachers, guards, laborers, etc.
1) In my family, that we would keep our eyes on Jesus because the temptation is to look away and trust on own abilities. If I keep my eyes on Jesus and keep my family focused on that, then we’ll be fine, no matter what the battle brings. 2) In our ministry, that we would stay obedient and that the church would respond to the call to serve orphans.
1) That we would be able to attract the hosts and ambassadors we need to keep sales up and that customers would step forward; 2) For my relational transition of learning how to blend my business personality with the non-profit world
For the U.S. church not to allow fear to be the master but to respond in obedience to God’s call to care for the vulnerable and for us to realize that caring for the vulnerable isn’t just something we’re called to – it’s part of our identity as God’s people

Heart to Heart International

Steve HowerDr. Rick RandolphDan Neal
1) For the transition process of our new CEO to go smoothly; 2) For wisdom and for our financial infrastructure to succeed as we are on the verge of major new growth
Pray for God’s blessings and discernment in how to go forward in our upcoming period of growth
That we would continue to professionalize and improve how we do things and incorporate greater excellence, but at same time that we would continue to have a heart for people who are in need

If Not for Grace

Lori DriggsJama EdlundLinda BurgessMindy Beyer
1) Unity – that we can be unified in the spirit on what God has called us to do, single focus in our mission and our vision; 2) That God would begin increasing our borders again and show us how to grow from here
That the word would get out to the women and men who need the healing Christ has to offer them and they have the courage to take the step to contact us
For all those women who have had abortions…that God will soften their hearts and lead them to places like If Not for Grace
Coming Mar. 23

Mission Adelante

Jarrett MeekKristen MaxwellYuri AlonsoEdgar Soriano
The Enemy is really at work in urban contexts. There is a lot of fruit, but everyday, there is hard stuff going on too. 1) Pray that he wouldn’t steal fruit from the tree as it ripens. 2) Pray against discouragement for Mission Adelante’s staff.
1) For the kids in our programs, that Jesus will protect them and guide them; that our boys would know how to respond to bullying and know who to talk to about the problem; 2) That our community would continue to feel loved here and know the name of Jesus; 3) That the Lord would continue to provide financially in my fundraising and that He would help me learn to balance my life and work
Pray for my growth in the Word and for God to be continually using me; pray for my finances/support for working here
That I would learn how to keep the teens focused in the teens program and be able to understand what they’re thinking and how to interact with them

New Horizon Ranch

Brian and Joy MillerJessica FreundDon Long and Molly WitkerMatt and Tammy Syverson
Brian: 1) For provision for an indoor arena; 2) For our donors, volunteers, and other people we network with, that we would be able to be a support network for them and everyone who knows about this place; Joy: 1) For us to be able to maintain community and a sense of family among our donors, volunteers, and program families; 2) For us to rely on God’s energy and to have the strength to keep going when times are hard
For my little cousin who just had his third open heart surgery, that he would continue to do well
Don: For continued good health so I can continue to go down there; Don and Molly: 1) For Brian and Joy so they can continue to do what they do; 2) For funds for NHR to build an indoor arena
1) For NHR to continue to grow and be able to provide the services and the love that they do for all the kids that go there; 2) For sustainable funding and that an indoor arena would be a possibility

set apart

Brent MorrisKristin MorrisPaige DeRusycherTracy Taylor
1) Provision in terms of both finances and people; 2) That we can help people live up to their potential; 3) That we would be able to provide the right kind of structure for our kids
1) For strength in the day to day tasks, that we wouldn’t let our faith waver in terms of the trust that is required; 2) For the transition in implementing discipleship aspect of ministry; 3) For balance in schedule while working from home
1) Prayer that all of us involved would follow what God has called us to be; 2) For Brent & Kristin to get all of the support they need
1) For us (at LifeTree Legacies) to remain humble and keep our hearts and minds on serving Gods kingdom; 2) For these youth and their families to be blessed and protected against chaos of this world, to trust in the Lord and God’s holy word, and to be protected against the Adversary

Urban Scholastic Center

Chuck AllenTre & Khrystal CoppageKent BroddleJean & Juris Gaigals
1) For strength – to deal with physical challenges and to endure the psychological things we deal with. 2) For wisdom – to understand what I should and shouldn’t do, where I should and shouldn’t go, who I should and shouldn’t see. 3) People willing to serve – for more people willing to serve our ministry who have a heart for our kids and a heart for our parents and have a desire to give it all. I so desire to have people who are serving with all their heart because God has called them to it. 4) Continued support – not just for money specifically but for people to support things like our Urban Market initiative
Tre: “Ears to hear” – the ability to make sure I’m listening to God and am ready to move when He says move. Khrystal: 1) Wisdom – both for us and for everybody who is doing missional living, here or overseas. Pray that they would have the ability to soak up wisdom, run toward wisdom, and live in wisdom. 2) Resources – that resources would be abundant. God always provides, but he often uses people to do it.
1) That I’m available at the right time for the kids and that I’m paying attention to God’s prompting when I’m with them. 2) For strength and God’s protection for the USC staff. 3) For the USC kids and community – that there will be Christian leaders in that community.
1) For their USC kids’ family lives; 2) For healing for their oldest grandchild, who has a fractured pelvis that isn’t healing as it should

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