About “Stories that Bind”

In the best kind of community, people know one another’s stories. They know their neighbors’ favorite foods and songs. They know who to call when their sink springs a leak, when they need business advice, or when they need a babysitter for their youngest in the middle of the night so they can take their firstborn to the emergency room.

They know that the family on the corner has a daughter who wants to be a concert pianist and a son who was born with a heart problem. They know the man next door struggles with addiction and has been through two divorces. They know the name of the lonely woman across the street who lost her only son in the war.

Stories bring people together. When you know someone’s story, you understand them. When we share our stories, we become more compassionate, more grace-giving, more loving. We become more than we are.

The purpose of this blog is to share stories, because stories matter. Sometimes I forget that, so I created this blog as a reminder. I want to explore the difference a story can make.

Will you join me?

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