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This is post 4 of 4 highlighting Exodus Cry, a sex-trafficking ministry based out of Grandview, MO. You can read the first post about Morgan Perry, a producer in Exodus Cry’s film department, here, the second post about Blaire Pilkington, Director of Intervention, here, or the third post about Kezia Hatfield, Director of Restoration, here.

Typically, I try to highlight four staff members or volunteers from every non-profit ministry I highlight, but this month, I’m doing something a little different. Sex-trafficking is a serious issue, even in the United States, and unlike many other issues (hunger, poverty, war), the depth of the problem has only recently come to light. Today’s post is a collection of facts, stories, and videos explaining the issue in more detail for any who are interested in learning more and taking action to stop trafficking.

(Please be aware that some of the following stories and videos are graphic in nature, due to the subject matter.)


Exodus Cry and the Polaris Project have gathered a number of statistics on human and sex trafficking.


“This Is What Modern-Day Sex Slavery In America Looks Like”“Fighting for Her Soul: A sex-trafficking victim’s story”“Survivor Stories”
The Business Insider provides an up-to-date overview of the sex-trafficking problem, along with the stories of a few women who were trafficked.
A story from the Providence Journal of a sex trafficking victim and the things she experienced
A collection of survivor stories put together by Equality Now


Sex + Money and Nefarious

Morgan Perry from Exodus Cry worked on producing both of these documentaries which describe the reality of sex-trafficking in the United States. They can be bought or rented at the above websites.

Sex + Money Trailer

Nefarious Trailer

Other Media

“Someone Free”

Spoken word poetry by Hosanna Wong inspired by the documentary Nefarious


“Walking in the Darkest Places”

An hour long talk given by Blaire Pilkington, Director of Intervention at the Exodus Cry Abolition Summit


For anyone interested in learning still more, Exodus Cry has a full list of resources on their website.

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