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Hello, my name is Ruth Anne Burrell (for my bylines), or Ruthie (for everything else), and I am a story-aholic.

Ruth Anne Burrell About

For as long as I can remember, I’ve loved stories. When I was a toddler, I made my parents read certain books to me so many times that I memorized them, convincing both myself and my Sunday school teachers that I could read. When I was a little older, I devoured stories on my own, checking out 10 to 20 books at a time from our local library. For the most part, I stuck with popular modern fiction, but occasionally, I grew overly ambitious, attempting classics such as Ivanhoe and Ben Hur at age 12.

I started writing my own stories when I was 8. Most of them were laugh-out-loud awful, but thanks to my patient and optimistic parents, I kept writing. When I was 18, I moved nine hours and 600 miles away from my home in Kansas to study professional writing at Taylor University, in the tiny, cornfield-surrounded town of Upland, Indiana. I’ve written articles, reviews, devotions, essays, short stories, poems, and novels, some for publication and some for myself. (More about that can be found here.)

After five years in Indiana, I’ve clicked my heels and come home to Kansas. And I’ve discovered that, in the end, stories are still what capture my imagination and my heart. With that in mind, I’m setting out on the adventure that is Stories That Bind.

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